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African Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ASENTI) is a forum that bring SMEs, startups and different stakeholders for an insensitive interaction and training on entrepreneurship and Innovation from across Africa, The summit bring together top leaders in the industries to share knowledge on business and Innovation. ASENTI runs different programs currently; Entrepreneurship County Edition and Startup Campus, the program's aim is to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship in Africa and to create a wider network for potential trade and partnership in Africa and the diaspora. We are committed to making Africa a hub of opportunities by bringing the opportunities closer to its people; our focus is diverse through our different programs and initiatives. ASENTI aims at reaching to Youths and business leaders in Diaspora. Africa has a current robust economic growth, averaging five percent per annum over the last ten years which has placed the continent among the fastest growing regions in the world. Asenti offers platform to discuss and come up with great innovative solutions that can be practically transferred to business opportunities. Asenti 2017 focuses on five main pillars; Energy, Agribusiness, Startup financing, Mobile Technology and Media. The summit will be a platform to share opportunities available for the youth in the different sectors and how they can benefit. Young people with very innovative ideas or startups will be awarded during the closing ceremony hence they will get financing, mentoring and incubation spaces. Mission To transform individual lives in Africa from all economic, cultural and social background for economic prosperity by fostering the culture of Entrepreneurship and Innovation for a competitive global market. Vision To see Africa's people flourishing and their lives holistically transformed through Innovative mindset, well established government policies, entrepreneurial spirit and economic empowerment for better living standard.

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We are looking for partners for our Startup Campus Academy, we would love to have over 200 startups in campus.